Our company has been engaged in wholesale of various industrial products since 2008. We have managed to become supplier of numerous manufacturers and other companies throughout our almost 10-year existence. Our broad network of suppliers, manufacturers guarantees that we are able to meet demands of our customers as swiftly as possible, at the lowest price and with the most favourable conditions.


We deem our trading activity to be the main branch of our business. We source the goods ordered at the shortest delivery times and at the best price available from any location in the world. We have significant experience in the Hungarian market, you can count on us with your ad hoc purchases as well as sourcing related to your long-term contracts, or with consolidation of purchases in lower volumes. Put the sourcing of any industrial product into the hands of our traders to minimize the cost of your purchases. Our goal is to become a trading party of our customers, one that meets all their demands the most reliable way, with high quality and always within the deadlines.

  Metal processing

Beside our main trading activity we have been fulfilling long-term assignments in the area of metal processing as well, we have worked primarily with light metals and non-ferrous metals. We are available for our customers should they wish to oursource their manufacturing and pre- manufacturing processes. We offer solutions through which some parts of processes in manufacturing can be made more cost-efficient, even in the case of processes requiring the greatest precision. Our experience is that in many cases „inhouse” processes can be made more cost-efficient, with our co-operation, even some projects can be saved. With our network, such processing options can be found that can make parts of processes more efficient and productivity can be improved while also lowering the level of cost. Nevertheless, primary target for all manufactureres (beside maximizing the sales of profitable products) is the lowering of manufacturing cost while improving productivity.


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